We restructured the Stretch goals for Interface Zero 2.0: Cyberpunk Action for the Pathfinder RPG

Stretch Goals V2

In this version, we focus more on on stretch goals dedicated to adding more content. You’ll see more Hot Spots, the Bestiary (Threats of 2090), Source Books, rules expansions, like archetypes, and rules for Golemmech combat, and even one or two more character classes.

  • 12,000: Hot Spot: Andreas Rönnqvist brings you an insider look at the Walled city of Copenhagen!
  • 14,000: Hot Spot: David Jarvis will flesh out Moscow!
  • 18,000: Malmart catalog!: We’ll bring you more gear and equipment, including a detailed look at organized crime across the world and a new character class: The Weapon Specialist!
  • 22,000: Archetypes!: We’ll design custom archetypes for the character classes!
  • 28,000: Threats!: RPG superstar Mike Welham will write the Threats of 2090, bringing you new villians, bio-horrors, and NPCs to use in your game!
  • 30,000: Hot Spot: Mr. Phillip Reed will write an orbital habitat for you to use in your game!
  • 34,000: Golemmech Rules!: Robert Hudson will develop rules for mechanized combat in 2090. This book will also come with a new character class: The Gollemmech pilot.
  • 40,000: Iconic Art! Ia Llanas will create artwork for each character class!
  • 44,000: The Solar System!: We’ll adapt the Solar System source book for Pathfinder!
  • 46,000: Hot Spot:  David Jarvis will write Hong Kong!
  • 52,000: Custom Dice!
  • 72,000: Print Upgrade!

We’re almost at the first Stretch goal, help us push through and then on to Moscow!

Interface Zero: Cyberpunk Action for the Pathfinder RPG

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